Mental preparation and goal setting

Soccer is just as much a mental game as it is a physical one. Even if players have the best technical and tactical ability, it’s worth nothing if they crack under pressure or if they have outside life-issues that affect their game. Bouncing back from a poor performance or handling negative emotions within a game or training session is also critical to success.

Box to Box Soccer will help prepare players mentally for different situations by building mental toughness – a psychological edge that enables players to be consistent, confident, focused, and determined during high pressure situations in order to perform at maximum potential. We will also teach visualization techniques used by the top players in the world to train the mind and create a map or pattern to follow to achieve a goal.

Goal setting is a fundamental component for growth and development in athletics. We will help players set S.M.A.R.T goals so that they are aware of when the goals are accomplished and what realistic timelines are, in order to take their performance and career to the highest level possible.

S – Specific: Be clear on exactly what you are working towards.
M –Measurable: If you cannot measure it how do you know it is achieved?
A – Attainable: Can this be achieved?
R – Realistic: Is this realistic given your current skill set?
T – Time Sensitive: Setting a time frame pushes you to work hard at achieving this goal.

• On-line or in-person one hour tutorial
• Digital or printed reference materials
• Contact information for recommended professionals specializing in these topics if more detailed information or consultation is desired

COST: $75

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