Recovery Techniques

Recovery is the limiting factor to performance. Consider the demands of everyday life, plus intense training. The cumulative stress to your muscle tissue and nervous system require a recovery plan integrated into your overall daily and yearly game plan. This should include sleep cycle strategies,
pre- and post-workout nutrition, as well as dedicated recovery days, weeks and cycles. Otherwise, your risk for overtraining or burnout increases.

The better and more rapidly you recover, the more quickly your body adapts, and the sooner you can do another high-intensity activity. That means better gains and faster improvements. Regeneration, in other words, could be the difference between reaching and your goals or not.

Regeneration comprises all the planned activities and nutrition strategies to help your body physically and psychologically overcome the stress of training. It’s essential to recovering quickly and efficiently from exercise.

Box to Box Soccer will provide guidance to players on the importance of why and how to recover and regenerate along with some quick reference materials. We will include active versus passive recovery techniques, mental and physical recovery techniques, and specific post-training/match activities and methods.

• On-line or in-person one hour tutorial
• Digital or printed reference materials
• Contact information for recommended professionals specializing in these topics if more detailed information or consultation is desired

COST: $75

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