Soccer-Specific Strength and Conditioning

Soccer is characterized as a high-intensity, intermittent, contact team sport that requires a number of proficient physical and physiological capabilities in order to perform successfully. In recent years, there has been a remarkable expansion in and acceptance of sport science, and specifically strength and conditioning (S&C), within soccer.

In addition to the technical and tactical skills that Box to Box Soccer can help players with, we can also provide training programs to retain a high level of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, speed, agility, strength and power. We use high-intensity interval training, small sided games, speed and agility activities, as well as strength and power-based exercises both with and without the ball. We will also use a variety of equipment such as speed and agility ladders and poles, hurdles, plyometric boxes, power sleds, medicine balls, resistance bands and more. We can also refer our clients to some of the best strength and conditioning specialists in the lower mainland if more specialized or gym sessions are desired.

• A one hour training session that allows the player to have the full attention of the coach
• Digital or printed reference materials

COST: $75 for one-on-one training

*Small group training is also available, which would reduce the per-player fee (please contact us for further details)

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