What people say about us:

“Over the last 10 years, I have watched Josh provide my son, Brody, an incredibly motivating and positive environment, sound soccer tactics, and most importantly moral support since his start in soccer at age 8. Josh is always well organized, has a plan and was very open, early, about my son’s opportunities at the BCSPL level and potentially at both University and professional levels. Early on, Josh invited Brody to participate in two European Soccer Tours that travelled to Italy and United Kingdom. The team had the opportunity to play youth clubs from Serie A and the English Premier League. The experience these trips
provided, along with Josh’s motivation and expectation of professionalism, exposed Brody to high level soccer, an amazing cultural experience and most importantly, how to be a good citizen and teammate. Further, Josh continued with these opportunities and was instrumental in Brody’s selection to the BC Provincial team, tryouts with the Whitecaps and ensured University coaches were invited to games, to scout talent. Josh coordinated games with local Universities, the Vancouver Whitecaps residency program, and enrolled the team in many tournaments outside of BC.

While Brody was playing for Josh in the BCSPL, we travelled to the US, the BC interior and Vancouver Island. Josh ensured these trips weren’t always just about the game. He provided the players an opportunity to visit nearby university campuses to meet coaches and players. Regularly at practices, Josh would incorporate guest lecturers- physiotherapists, coaches, current university players who would relay their success stories. He also provided, through a relationship with the Fortius Group, player access to physiotherapy, functional movement and agility programs and injury prevention; players were subjected to regular
testing. I haven’t seen this at an amateur level other than the Whitecaps. All of these factors provided motivation to my son to be the best he could be and how to do it correctly.

Josh is very cognizant of the injury prevention, fitness and nutrition domains. At the commencement of every season, players would be provided written plans for each of the domains, his expectations and would have the players regularly account for their adherence to them.  

Josh has developed a well-earned respect from both players and parents. This comes from playing on the SFU Men’s Soccer team, his professional soccer career and extensive coaching accreditation (National level) and experience. Josh has become a close friend to the family, is absolutely instrumental in my son’s recent signing with the SFU Men’s Soccer Team and more than anything, cares about kids and has a plan for their future.”

– Todd Thomas,

“My son, Jacob, joined the Langley U21 team in 2018 during his last year of High School. He had played previously many seasons with Port Coquitlam in the MSL team and while he had a lot of fun and played well there, his development as a player had plateaued a bit and there were no signs at that time that he would be likely to continue his soccer career at a major university. Jacob was nervous to join a new team but that anxiety quickly disappeared thanks to Josh’s coaching
style. He was very engaged with his team; providing constant feedback to his team and always looking for opportunities to coach his players 1:1 to provide specific feedback to help them improve. The team was always well prepared and the disciplined approach combined with a great culture of performance and positivity helped Jacob thrive with his new team. During the season, Josh invited a number of University coaches and scouts to attend games. When Jacob was noticed by the UBCO coach, Josh provided great support to Jacob to help him navigate his way through the process. In the end, Jacob was given an opportunity to train with UBCO and, largely thanks to Josh’s great coaching, he was able to make the team and went on to play a significant role with the them in his first year. There’s no doubt in my mind that Jacob would not have had this success had he not made the decision to join Josh’s Langley U21 team.”

– Ryan York,

“Being coached by Josh Smith was beneficial for me because I didn’t quite understand what position was fitting to my abilities when I initially joined the team. Josh help guide me towards my potential based on my abilities and really understood my strengths and weaknesses. Josh provided a tactical development in my game such as in-game awareness and external preparations such as diet and injury prevention. Josh also provided many opportunities against high-level oppositions such as university and college sides. I have grown as a player and person from Josh Smith and found him to have been a big part of the success of signing to my dream university school, Trinity Western University.”

– Eh Hser Moo
Soccer Player

“I’ve organized multiple travel teams with Josh.  He is extremely organized and pays close attention to every detail.  He is always looking out for the best interest of his players. He is one of the more innovative coaches keeping up with the latest coaching philosophies.  Josh utilizes creative training methods for improving players’ skills, speed and agility.  He knows what it takes to get players to the next level. He would be an asset to any player willing to put in the work to improve their game.”

– Tony Pensato,
Next Level Soccer

“Josh is a high level coach who promoted a competitive and positive atmosphere during my time on his team. Josh brought many scouts and coaches to our games and guided me and all other players through the experience and helped to reach a higher level of soccer. I was noticed by the coach of UBCO during one of our season games and after some help from Josh, I got an opportunity to come to an ID camp. As of now I am playing for UBCO in my first year and have got a good amount of playing time and looking forward to future seasons with the team. Overall, Josh is an amazing coach and a huge reason why I am where I am today.”

– Jacob York,
UBCO Player

“I began working with coach Smith in 2011, and have continued doing so since, notably having been part of his Excel Soccer travel roster in 2012, and Fraser Valley FC roster in 2014. Josh endorses a true team dynamic amongst his players and encourages an environment that can best support their development. He inspires confidence, leadership and accountability, in the athletes he works with on and off the field. His thorough knowledge of the game allows him to effectively teach on an individual level, while contributing to his team’s success in the process. I attribute much of my development and understanding to his excellence as a coach. Josh has also provided me with many opportunities to showcase my game and work with coaches at the next level. My experience traveling to Italy and England with Smith’s Excel Soccer roster, is a testament to the exposure and opportunities that have come my way as a result of playing for him. In the fall of 2020 I will be part of the men’s soccer program at Simon Fraser University, an opportunity that was given to me by Josh, prior to his addition on their coaching staff. Without the influence of coach Smith, I could not have achieved nearly as much as I have on the field. I would recommend him to anyone seeking to reach the next level in their footballing careers.”

– Jordan Thorsen,
Soccer Player

“We first met Josh smith in Kelowna when he was travelling through doing an SFU soccer camp that our son attended. It’s safe to say that this camp became one of the pivotal moments in our son’s soccer development. From this winter on at the age of 9, and all the way through our son’s high school, Josh Smith was in and out of our son’s life, and always there to support and mentor him. Josh Smith is truly an amazing coach an individual, who lives and breathes soccer. His knowledge about all aspects of soccer goes beyond anyone I know. There has only been a few individuals in our son’s soccer that has made him the fantastic goalkeeper he has become, both on and off the field, and Josh Smith is one of those. Josh Smith provided our son with the once in a life time opportunity to play in Europe at the tender age of 9. This trip truly changed our son’s life. Despite the very sobering trip is was as a goalkeeper, he became more committed than ever to achieve the highest level he could because of Josh Smith’s
coaching and mentor ship. Josh Smith was always there for both us parents and our son when we needed sound advice, and I am confident that our son would not have achieved the extremely high level of soccer he did without Josh smiths coaching and guidance. Our son’s recent large scholarship to Canada’s best soccer University is a true testimonial to Josh Smith’s talent and care for his players. We are forever grateful for everything he has done, and continues to do for our son.”

– Rico Thorsen,